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I wanted to write a short note to tell you about my recent experience with your office in Cincinnati.  My brother who I am very close with has recently become separated from his wife and has been married for quite some time.  He doesn’t have a lot of experience with having to find an apartment or working via the internet, so that’s where I come in.

He moved into my basement a couple of months ago and has been trying to find a place since that time.  Since he wasn’t having much luck I decided to help him and I got on Craig’s list and found a couple of your listings and called your office. The first person that I spoke with was Marguerite Akawwi,  She explained the process to me about the application fee, (how it was one fee for any of your listings which is so helpful because that part of the process can get very expensive) making an appointment to look at an apartment, rent, deposit and all the ends and outs of working with your group.  She made the appointment and gave me Shelly Burkardt’s name letting me know that she was the person that was going to meet with us.

What building and time etc.  Shelly arrived at the apartment and was so energetic and positive about the apartment.  Showing us all the new things that had been added to the place.  All the things a realtor would do but with the best attitude.  She talked us into loving the place.  So, because we were excited and impatient 🙂  about finding out if he was approved,  I called today and spoke with Teresa Hennegin who again couldn’t have been more pleasant to deal with. She wasn’t put out that we were calling early and didn’t treat us as if we were a bother.  As it turned out my brother was approved and I swear Teresa was as excited as we are. He has a move in date of 3/10/15 and we couldn’t be happier,  he gets his apartment and I get him out of my basement!   LOL


In closing,  I have dealt with a lot of different situations in my life as we all have.  Cable company, car dealers and yes Realtors and so many times these experiences which should be easy and stress free are anything but.  Nothing ever goes the way it’s promised or there is a “catch” to do the deal.  Something!  But I just wanted you to know that the ladies that I dealt with on this matter handled it professionally and quickly (which is so important in a situation like this).  They are in the business of renting property, but went well above just doing that.  The treated us with respect and made this process so easy and stress free…

Kudos to you and your staff.  This is from one happy customer…

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I was looking for a property for my father who is now a senior. I have found it, thanks to Paradigm.

Matt Blue, Client

Very professional and helpfull staff. I recommend Paradigm to anyone that wants to move in a new home.

Jane Doe
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